Annual General Meeting
May 20 & 21, 2017
Western Development Museum (WDM)

Saskatoon, SK

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- Demos  on Cooperage (wooden pails, churns), Turning a hub on a lathe

- Guided tour of WDM Boomtown

- Dinner, Auction, and of course, fellowship


- Demos on Blacksmithing and Bolted hubs

- Tour of WDM Curatorial Centre

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The Executive 

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Dave Bisaro



V.P.  & Membership

Chris Jenson




Glenn Halvorson




Terry Bailey



BC Director

Kim Planidin



Alberta Director

Wayne Lenfesty



Saskatchewan Director

Jean Lavoie



Manitoba Director

Brian Reynolds



Ontario Director

Bill Doyle



East Coast Director

Mike Hartigan



UK and Europe Director

Franck Calloch



USA Director

Mel Atkinson



Newsletter Editor

Diana Matsuda



The Annual General Meeting is held once a year and the Executive determine where and when it will be held one or two years in advance. In recent times, the AGM has been held in May of each year and it has rotated amongst locations in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan and North Dakota in the USA.

The 2017 AGM is to be held at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - what a wonderful opportunity to see a village street that represents a Saskatchewan Boomtown, circa 1910 -- and to visit and chat with fellow wheelwrights from Canada and the US. Spouses are welcome!   Check out the museum site

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The purpose of this event:   
1. to hold the Annual General Meeting (AGM)   
2.  to have demonstrations 
3.  to talk with other wheelwrights and share ideas
4. to have fun!


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